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From Despair To Hope

When despair casts over our mind, it becomes so dark that we cannot even see what it is an inch ahead. We don’t know anything about where we are heading to and what we should do. It is just a feeling that we are driving along an endless highway in the dark night. It feels so desolate and uncertain about when this path will end and whether it will ever end. No one is around me. There is no one who can help me or understand me.

When standing alone at a beach where the storm is on its way, raging waves and cold winds rush in as if sweeping me away. Despair fiercely swallows us up. It is dark pain that cannot be seen with our eyes, evil that our mind has created. Despair continuously leads me into temptations. It drives me to give up rather than to overcome through the storm.

However, there is hope on the other side of despair. At the beach after the storm has cleared away, the remaining winds are scratching the waves but its surface is illuminated brightly by the sunshine. Just as the storm of despair existed for a moment, hope after despair seems much more beautiful.

After arriving at the island of hope under sunshine, passing through the ever-long tunnel of despair is indeed preparatory stage. Hope is preparation; it is preparation to leap energetically, preparation to fly up to the sky. The moment despair changes to hope, energy surges from our mind.

God gives us a present called ‘despair’ before giving us hope. As there is despair, we get to truly feel grateful for hope. As we overcome despair, our mind becomes firm and we now have a driving force to get on with hope. There is the moment only the people who have overcome despair can enjoy. There is the place where a beautiful sunshine illuminates the entire world and no such thing as worries exist: you can stay in heaven.

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