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To Healthcare Workers In COVID 19

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Jina Kim, MD

This COVID 19 pandemic crisis has brought the world many tragedies. Many people have died unexpectedly, including the young and including many healthcare workers who have been in the front line trying to save lives. We all are being hit hard. Some of us still in the midst of it, with adrenaline rushing no doubt, barely having time to reflect on one’s self. Nobody knows what to expect with this new disease that has spread so fast worldwide and is causing such horrible deaths to our patients. As healthcare providers, I am sure it is hitting us even harder. We studied and trained in our fields for years in order to save people’s lives. And this disease is showing us how little we can do to stop it. It is a war against nature.

Still we have many who are brave, many who are sacrificing, and many who are working hard to find a way to fight this. During this difficult time, I urge all of you to also look within yourselves and meditate. Throwing away our minds full of fear, the unknown, the knowledge that we learned in the past that prevents us from seeing the now, all the anxiety and depression, the trauma, etc. By letting go of these minds that are hindering us, we can be better healthcare providers for our patients and continue to move on without ourselves breaking down first.

We can stay strong for our patients and their families and continue to be compassionate, while having clarity in our minds to make better judgment calls and decisions during this crisis. As a physician who does this meditation method I can truly say that without this method of throwing away my thoughts, living through this pandemic would have left me in a panic and feeling depressed to see all these patients dying tragically and seeing even colleagues sacrificing their own lives. Though I still cry from sadness, by throwing away my negative thoughts and filling my mind with the universe mind, which is always positive and unchanging, I can continue to quickly move on full of energy and positivity and think clearly to make better decisions for my patients and my staff.

I am full of gratitude to my patients and fellow healthcare workers. I am hopeful that through this crisis, people will begin to look within their minds, see how much stress has been accumulated, and decide to throw those stressful thoughts away. Let’s start by changing myself first and be the leaders to guide the communities to change for the better! Let’s meditate together! Be safe, and thank you everyone!

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