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La La Land – A Story of Lingering Attachments and Regrets

La La Land is a film that harkens back to the Golden Age of Hollywood’s movie musicals. Singing, dancing and great romantic story lines abound as well as the outstanding performances of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (Stone received an Oscar for Best Actress for her performance). This movie will remind many of their first love and goals or successes that are unable to be achieved in one’s past. One could also call these memories regrets and/or lingering attachments. Director Damien Chazelle allows the viewer to look back on their dreams and loves through a beautiful performance by Gosling.

There is no one who can say that he or she has a completely fulfilled or satisfying life. After all, we all live with regrets. It’s often been said that we all live in the past instead of living in the present moment. In modern society, many people suffer with depression and mental illnesses. When we seek therapy or counseling, it shows that we live with these burdens of past traumas, loss and emotional scars. Let’s consider what the human mind really is.

When we are born, our minds are already inherited from our ancestors’ minds. These minds are imprinted in every cell of our body. Our body works like a camera that constantly takes pictures of the world. We store these pictures in our mind and live in this picture world we’ve created instead of the real world. This leads to stress and pain. We exist in the present, but not many people really live in the true present. Truth is seeing the world the way it is. Since we all live in our overlapping mind world, we are incomplete.

Nature does not make its own mind world. Nature does not cling to the past nor does it have any regrets. Only humans remember everything that has happened in their lives from birth to the present. Only humans repeatedly think about heartbreaking events that have happened in the past. Since humans live in the present moment only thinking of past grief and regret, people feel sad and depressed. Isn’t it painful and tough?

La La Land depicts lingering attachments and regrets through Gosling’s portrayal of Sebastian. It describes unattainable love and an unaccomplished dream. Many people will empathize about these points.

We all know that whatever has happened in the past does not exist anymore. But as humans, we are all very highly functioning cameras.  We do not let go of the things that have happened in our lives. We live our present life with reactions, judgement and regrets from our painful past. Isn’t this pitiful and frustrating?

This is why it can be said that people are living in a dead state and not living in the true universe. Ask yourself: Do you really live in the true world? Do you simply see and live in this world without any pain and burden? If you can answer ‘yes,’ then you are a complete, true human being. Generally speaking, one cannot be complete unless he meets the right teacher and meditation method to become complete. One must meet one who is already Truth and learn the meditation method.

I consider myself very lucky. I have met the right teacher who can teach me the method and I have been diligently practicing this meditation method. Simply being born and living are meaningless unless we become complete. No one else has my personal regrets and lingering attachments. They do not exist in the real world. They are my own illusionary burdens. Those illusionary burdens only cause me pain and hardship. 

We must break free of that pain and burden while we are alive. We should break out of the false world so we can live again in the true world. This meditation will help people to break their own painful false world and be reborn in the true world. This is the method.

It is pointless for only a few to know about this meditation method. We should all practice this meditation. Now is the time to become a complete human being. Let us study this method and meditate.

Awake from the regrets and attachments in the past. Let us live in the true world with blessings; no longer living in La La Land.

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