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I Wanted To Be A Good Mom!

Victoria Haibach, Suwanee GA, USA

Since I had my three kids, I wanted to be a good mom and raise my kids to be happy. But I wasn’t happy myself. As my kids became teenagers, I got so frustrated with my kids and with myself. I tried to be loving and guide them to be successful and happy, but my patience would break and eventually I always lashed out. Deep down, I felt very negative. How could I raise happy kids?

Then I came across this meditation. They explained that I could find the true, eternal, peaceful universe existence within me, and live from there. It is a simple method of self-reflection and letting go. I felt like my heart opened and I felt acceptance of myself and my kids. Now as teenagers and young adults, I can accept them as they are, let them make decisions and not feel like I have to fix things. They stopped avoiding me and opened up more.

Difficult situations still come up, especially now during the COVID epidemic. I see now that I can’t make my kids happy, but my heart is lighter and I have more clarity about what my kids need from me as their mom.

I am so grateful for this meditation method. If I can achieve this, anyone can.

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