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- Learn How to Be Free from Yourself


Healthy Mind, Happy Life

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Every Friday @7pm ET

We have heard that paradise and heaven lie within, but how do we actually attain that state of blissful calm that we all seek?


In this class, you will learn about the method to truly let go of the human mind. The human mind is composed of karma (our thoughts of the life we’ve lived), habits (tendencies inherited from our ancestors), and the body (mind of self). When you release this karma, habits, and body, you will find the existence of Truth – the eternally-living, infinite existence – within you.

When you uncover this True mind within, pain, burden and stress disappear, you can know the ways of the world, and live well with a positive mind. You can become complete and achieve everything you want to achieve.

We warmly invite you to experience this unique, deeply healing and transformative practice, and find liberation and inner peace for yourself.

What Is Meditation?

June 30th, Thursday @8pm ET

Many people these days have been searching for ways to meditate.

But what exactly is meditation? To answer this question, we must know the reason why we are meditating. 
The reason people are wanting to meditate is because people are incomplete. Being incomplete causes people to have many questions about life, to have doubts, stress, pain, burdens, etc. These all come from the self-made mind world that people live inside of and it overlaps the real world. This self-made mind world is the karma (life lived), habits, and body. If you throw away the self and the incomplete world, which is the karma, habits, and body, go to the existent world of Truth, and are reborn, that land is the existent world of Truth. It is the land where you can live eternally without death.
You must go there while alive and live forever. When you are living as Truth, you have the wisdom to solve all your questions and doubts about life. You have no stress, pain, or burdens. You can know everything. And you live forever as Truth. When you are living as Truth, then you are complete. Meditation is about reaching human completion.
Then how do I meditate to reach human completion? That is what we teach you here. We can guide you to become Truth and live in the land of Truth to live life as a complete human.


Please join us for an introduction to the meditation method and learn about our 7 level meditation method to find the Truth within and the Land of Truth within you so you can live there happily forever.  
Our Program begins with a short presentation about the method, followed by a guided meditation.

Sitting Meditation